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Finally, an SEO Consultant who’s on your side

Practical, no-nonsense, personal advice on search engine optimisation.
Customised to your business.

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Tired of dodgy SEO providers?
Me too.

Whether it’s a digital agency or an expert offering SEO,
there’s no shortage of sharks in the industry willing to take your money in return for nothing.

Skyblue Search is different.

I am a real person, running a small business like you.
I respect you and your business and together, we can achieve something great.

What can I do for you?


SEO Technical Audit

Is your SEO not working for you? Find out what’s holding your website back with a full technical site audit. I provide clarity, answers and a step-by-step plan that you can take away and implement yourself. Great if you have some time up your sleeve to learn and DIY your own SEO.


SEO Consulting

If you need a bit of advice or some actionable tips to improve the visibility of your site, I can tailor your business a solution. You’ll be armed with a guide to show you how to work on SEO yourself and reports for your developer for the technical bits. You’ll walk away with new direction, confidence and some follow up instructions on your next steps.


Done For You SEO

If you’ve already got your hands full running your business my team and I can fully manage the entire process of SEO. Each SEO campaign will be customised to your business and industry. I’ll be in close touch keeping you updated of our small and big wins, setbacks, ideas and anything else that may crop up.

Why I’m different

The SEO industry doesn’t have a good track record.

I’m here to change that with transparent practices, proactive communication and clear strategy.

I’m different from agencies because I offer:

No lock in contracts – I never tie you in.  You can cancel at any time.
Personalised strategy – I work with you to identify opportunities and prioritise the tasks to ensure the strategy is meaningful for your business
Monthly calls – We schedule a call every month to talk about the results and campaign and answer any of your questions.
Real time task calendar – Live Google sheets calendar which details what SEO tasks are coming up each month and ticked off in real time so you’re never wondering if anything is happening
Meaningful reporting that I personally explain – I track and measure the metrics that matter – sales, customer enquiries and conversions. I record a video each month to talk through your data and reports.
A focus on meaningful conversions – My focus is to ensure positive ROI for my clients
100% honesty –  I trade on my reputation. I’m not interested in misleading clients in any way.
Point of contact – You will be working closely with me throughout your campaign, not an account manager.
Realistic expectations – I set realistic expectations at the start so there’s no false hope. No fake guarantees
Skyblue Search

Human First,
SEO Consultant Second

If your business has a website, there’s a good chance that it would benefit from some search engine marketing. But who to trust? The digital world is complex and it’s hard to know who is really looking out for you. That’s why my processes are super transparent and I don’t try to confuse you with geek speak. With specific documented timelines and priorities updated in real time, you’ll never be left wondering if, why or when anything is happening. I am human first, SEO consultant second. If you’d like some practical, no nonsense advice on how to improve the SEO of your website, get in touch.

As Seen in

Case Studies


Neatspiration wanted to improve sales via organic search from its Shopify ecommerce store, focussing on its exclusive distribution products.


In 6 months:

  • 106% increase in traffic to the site
  • 68% increase in sales via organic search
  • Improved sales of exclusive and profitable products

Our Clients


I felt that she really had my best interests at heart every step of the way.

Crystal is the real deal.  She’s a true professional, awesome to work with and so reliable.  Working on my site’s SEO was a real collaboration with her.  I felt that she really had my best interests at heart every step of the way.  I highly recommend her!

Jenna Knowles

Crystal has done a brilliant job on my SEO!.

My clicks, impressions, search traffic and sales have increased markedly since she has taken over! Crystal has also been awesome to work with, and has tailored her approach to fit in with, and to work alongside me, and has gone above and beyond in her creativity for optimising my website. 100% recommend Crystal!


I am so pleased that I found Crystal and engaged her SEO services for my website.

All impressions, clicks, searches and sales have increased markedly, I’m particularly thrilled with the increase in sales! Crystal has been a pleasure to work with, she has adapted her approach to perfectly address my business. I would not hesitate in recommending Crystal, and look forward to working with her in the future. Thanks Crystal!

Wendy Paulucci

Crystal has been a pleasure to work with!

She has guided me with her SEO skills to make valuable changes to my website and also educated me along the way so I can continue to apply the tools that she/we have implemented. Crystal is also super responsive, committed and highly reliable, which are traits that I find invaluable in outsourcing help. Thanks so much Crystal!

Jessica Cox

Crystal is fantastic!

Crystal is fantastic! Nuanced, personable and adaptable, she will meet all of your SEO needs and then some. Thoroughly recommend.

John Keller

Answers to Your Questions

What is SEO?

It’s no surprise that the higher a website is ranked on Google, the more people will click through.  95% of searchers will not delve past the first page of Google. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising a website so that it ranks better on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Ranking higher for relevant search terms gives your business the chance to be found by your potential clients, improves trust and provides a sustainable source of leads.

How long does SEO take to work?

Like most things worth doing in life, SEO takes an investment of time and resources.  It is a long term marketing strategy that will not generate instant results. Noticeable improvements in rankings may take 4-6 months. The process of optimising a site, generating content, building links and all other SEO activities takes time.  It also takes time for Google to pick up the changes. However, benefits of SEO are huge!  With good rankings comes more relevant organic traffic, better branding and a sustained source of leads that is likely to last without further payment investment.

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