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Not to be presumptuous, but in case you were thinking about enquiring about my SEO services, I’d like to let you know that I’m not taking on new clients until about mid-2022. 

The past several years has brought incredible growth for Skyblue Search, during a time that was difficult for a multitude of micro and macro reasons.  While I feel exceedingly fortunate and very grateful for the work.  I need to take a breath.

The next 6 months will be spent honing my craft, researching and exploring new ideas, learning and collaborating with other experts and thinking of new and better ways of working.  I look forward to new collaborations and new digital spaces to explore.  I love SEO because it is limitless and ever changing. The business of SEO is also limitless, and even after several years in the industry, I constantly feel like a wide-eyed beginner that has much to learn.  

I will also be investing heavily in my current list of committed clients to make sure I’m doing them justice, as well as building an exciting business for future clients to engage in. 

I’m not in the business of cookie cutter SEO.  Rightly or wrongly, I personally invest heavily in each of my clients, often learning new skills and researching new tools to cater for their needs.  While it may sound pretentious, I’ve come to think of my work as art.  For SEO to work, it takes a combination of methods – technical thinking, creative ideas, pragmatism, timing, experimentation, much like what it take to create a piece of music. To me, each business and website is a problem solving challenge that deserves strategic and creative thought. 

While I’m in a position to hire juniors and / or outsource the work, I choose not to.  I personally manage all of my clients and meet with them each month.

It’s a business model that I’ve been told isn’t the most savvy.  Hiring, outsourcing and then moving to an agency model would likely be more efficient at putting money in the bank. 

However, I need to be true to myself.  The hangover of being a high achieving Asian kid with migrant parents is that the quality of my work defines my self worth more than it should.  When I work with you, I need to prove to myself I can grow your business, as well as mine. 

So, I’m excited for the changes to come over the next few months.  Like any change, I’m nervous, afraid that it might amount to nothing, but I need to try.  Stagnating is alternative and that is unthinkable.  

If you’re in a position to wait, I’d love you to join my wait list here:

If you’re a local business with a shop front, you may be interested in Smarter Maps my local business GMB management service where I’m actively recruiting clients.

– Crystal

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